Stock Level Information

We have temporarily removed the stock level information icon as we are currently doing changes to our warehouse management system to improve the information.

Paypal and German two new alternatives

Now you can pay with PayPal in the webshop. However, if you pay with cards, we prefer to use Nets in the first place.
We also offer German as a language. We are still working on the translation of our products and it will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

For your regular customers, you will now have new functionality so that you can save multiple current shopping lists in the system. This way you can simplify your order planning.

Poseidon M28 Firmware Release Version 2.1

Based on end user feedback and comments we are now releasing the first M28 firmware update, that contain the following changes/additions:
Sleep mode, Auto power off - user selectable, Charging with smaller chargers, Startup in last dive mode, Dive start / stop adjusted, Active dive indicator, Dive log - more info.
To download the release and see the full details of the firmware update, visit SUPPORT/SE7EN/.

SSO2 sensor and M28 protective cover now available

We are now ready to begin shipping our amazing Solid State O2 sensor. The 6011-064 package will consist of a SSO2 sensor, a CPOD and a Connecting cable. If you are a Poseidon rebreather user you might need to buy the 6011-059 T-coupling as well, to attach the package to your hoses.

We now also have a M28 protective cover. A nice addition to protect your M28 from damage.

Both are available for order now.

Poseidon M28 Screen Protection

The screen protection for the M28 is now available on the web shop. 2 pieces of protective film + cloth with article no. 0002-164.

The updated webshop is now online!

Today the updated webshop is available. The user interface is improved and faster than in the pilot version, and we have added stock availability information to all products. We hope you will like the new look and feel. The webshop will be formally launched at DEMA 2015.